Maintaining A Healthy Mind

Maintaining A Healthy Mind

There is more to health than having the physique of a Greek god, clear skin, a strong immune system and regular sleep. Sadly, one of the most overlooked aspects of health is that of mental health. With anxiety and depression at all-time highs, it's estimated that around 20% of The United Kingdoms population are currently affected by anxiety, most of us will wait far too long before seeing the GP and will discount or overlook a low-mood.

The shocking truth it that the number one killer or men under 50 in The UK is suicide, with one man taking his life every 2 hours in The UK alone. So what can be done?

See someone - First and foremost if you are experiencing bouts of anxiety or depression, generally classified as worrying for more than an hour a day, seek help. Head straight to Therapist or Doctor, a simply good search will bring up a list to those local to you.

Get better sleep - Now as for anxiety prevention it is widely agreed the most important factors is sleep, sleep is where our body & brain detoxifies and our hormones are put inline. How much sleep is a widely contested subject with the consensus being 6-8 hours for most adults with more research showing sleep cycles are one of the most crucial aspects, it takes our body around 90 minutes to complete a full sleep cycle and we are most effective when waking once a cycle has finished. Many tools are available online which understand your sleeping cycle and wake you at the correct point while sleep aiding supplements may help you drift off into a deep sleep quicker. Supplements that hold the most promise include:

  1. 5HTP
  2. L-Tryptophan
  3. Lemon Balm
  4. PhosphatidylSerine
  5. Valerian Root
  6. L-Theanine
  7. Melatonin (not legal in The UK)


Balance your hormones - Hormones are best described as messengers in our body, responsible for hunger, thirst, immune system, sex drive, metabolism, blood sugar levels, heart rate, growth and of course mood and sleep. Whilst severe hormonal imbalance requires medical assistance we can take steps in our everyday life to ensure our best chances of a healthy hormonal balance.

  1. The correct diet, especially portion control and enough healthy fats
  2. Limited drugs and stimulants, including Caffeine and Alchohol.
  3. Prioritise sleep.
  4. Exercise regularly, the most effective being resistance or high-intensity training.
  5. Supplement correctly. You may notice some very similar characters to that listed for sleep, the most popular supplements for hormonal regulation being Vitamin D, 5HTP, L-Tryptophan, Omega 3 and Collagen.

Remove your stressors - Finally, establish what is making you anxious or depressed and eliminate it. This is easier said than done and may require the help of a Therapist or practitioner, take the first steps today and establish your main stressors. The 5 most common stressors in our lives are:

  1. Work overload
  2. Relationships
  3. Financial
  4. Loss of a loved one
  5. Chronic pain